I wish to advise you that the team lead by Martial Lanteigue at my CNRL project perform very well in the field and their workmanship is superb. The accuracy of their work has not only been recognized by Air Liquide, but that of CNRL also.

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Established by Lionel Benoit in 1997 after ten years of experiences working on huge construction projects throughout Canada such as:

HIBERNIA (Oil platform off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada) and the Fixed link (12.5 Kilometers, bridges that links Prince Edward Island to New-Brunswick, Canada.

Lionel Benoit work as a Line management Team!

Other projects include high rise buildings, sewer plants, silos, pulp mill, wind turpine (windmills) and bridge of all types to name a few and also continuous placement of rebar for slip forming.

Services and Organisations

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. in 1999 to 2001 has finish installing rebar for seven different companies for the 195 Kilometers, Moncton to Fredericton Highway in New-Brunswick, Canada. This project lasted three years and included approximately 66 overpass, underpass and bridges over waterways.

Lionel bring with him several very experienced employees, among them; General Formen and foremen from Hibernia and the Fixed Link. These valuable employees have over many years of experiences on all types of projects.

Acadia Rebar is there to meet all of the contractors needs. The willingness to travel and the capability to work long hours within time constrained schedules have allowed several companies to regain lost time and meet critical deadlines.

We are available for all types of projects and in virtually any location.

It as been our belief that the companies who does business with us; Are the most important peoples.

We must be the absolute best at what we do, to provide the finest quality of work for your constructions projects.

Our succession plan will help ensure that we continue offering the finest quality products, the services and support our customers needs to be expected. We are dedicated to supporting the needs of the commercial and industrial constructions industries for generations to come with those main objectives in mind.

APPROACH: Is to share our years of expertise with our customers and generate successful results in all phases of construction projects.

OUR VISION: To be number one of rebar installation with the construction industry for all who desire quality products and unequaled services.


  • Honest business standards and practices.
  • A safe secure work environment.
  • Teamwork and open communication.
  • A commitment education and training.
List of Subcontracting Companies

Acadia Rebar 96 Inc. work and has work for in the past:
  • Atlantic Underground
  • Brunway
  • Caldwell & Ross
  • Callaghan Contracting Ltd
  • Clayco Construction
  • C&T Reinforcing
  • Dexter Construction
  • Diamond Construction (1961) Ltd
  • Dumbar Construction
  • Lancor Construction
  • Modern Enterprise Ltd
  • Olympic Metals
  • Sunny Corner Enterprise Ltd
  • Simard Beaudry Construction
  • (Projet conjoint avec C&T Reinforcing, Stuart Olson, Graham and Pagnotta, Flat Iron and AGF, Bird, Nason, PMCL, PK Development, Pacer, Acciona et Giusti.)

and many mores...

2013 projects in Alberta & BC

  • Husky Sunrise (oil sands, Fort Mckay region) Giusti Group
  • Teckcoal Mine (Sparwood, BC) Giffels Westpro
  • EDL upgrade (Edmonton) PMCL
  • ALTALINK transmission line (Red Deer) PMCL
  • Saline Creek (Fort Mcmurray) NASON
  • ENBRID GE pumping stations (Lynton, Janvier, Fort Mcmurray) PMCL
  • CNRL U&O (Fort Mckay) Stuart Olson Dominion
  • CENOVUS Narrows Lake (Conklin area) BIRD
  • DEVON Pike Lodge (Conklin area) Stuart Olson Dominion
  • KEYERA ENERGY (Fort Saskatchewan) PMCL
  • ADDISON Condominium (Edmonton) PK Development
  • Walterdale Bridge (Edmonton) ACCIONA PACER JOINT VENTURE
***In conjonction with C&T Reinforcing***

2013 projects in Saskatchewan

  • AREVA (Mclean Lake) AECON
***Project related with AECON***

Past Major Projects

  • MRDC Highway Moncton - Fredericton (1999-2001)
  • Brunway-Woodstock-Grand Falls (2006-2007)
  • Pulpmill, Newcastle, N.B.
  • Wind Mill in Prince Edward Island (2004 & 2007)
  • Icon Tower #2 Edmonton, Alberta (Graham and Pagnotta) (Oct. 2007 to Sept. 2009)
  • Remand Center Edmonton, Alberta (Stuart Olson) (May 2008 and still on)
  • South West Arena Edmonton Alberta (Stuart Olson)
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